Our Mission

Project Managers Without Borders(PMWB) was founded in October 2014 with an ambitious goal: to recognize and multiply the impact of project management for those in need. As of today, PMWB is a global, not-for-profit, project management services organization that connects professionals with other not-for-profit or non-government organizations.

PMWB was created to utilize the skills and expertise of a global community of project professionals to make a positive difference in the world through collaborative and sustainable projects.

PMWB is aligned with the United nations’ sustainable development goals, and is focused on projects that will impact communities around the worlD and adressing the critical problems of our time. These 17 goals are achieved through volunteerism and corporate responsability

PMWB utilizes best practice procedures, tools, and skills to support organizations with their project goals. Services that PMWB offers include:

  • Project Management consulting and coaching
  • Maturity assessments
  • Project planning, delivery, monitoring and closure transition
  • Support training post-project completion

Our leadership team

PMWB was founded by people like you, professionals wanting to make a difference in the world using their skills and talent to manage projects and communicate with teams.