Deanna Landers

Deanna Landers, PMWB founder, understands that the process of initiating, planning, executing, controlling, and closing the work of a team to achieve specific goals is extremely valuable and widely appreciated, regardless of whether the work is being done in the private, public, or non-profit sectors.

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Jamal El Ali

As a volunteer, Jamal is passionate about sharing his knowledge and experience from the field with not-for profit organizations to help them achieve their full potential. He is currently helping the Centre of Learning & Development (CL&D), Regent Park, Toronto, as a senior project manager.

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Peter Monkhouse

Peter Monkhouse is a product owner and entrepreneur, with NewGenP being his latest company. Peter an experienced speaker, educator, and consultant with over 40 years of experience leading teams and organizations to deliver value through projects.

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Albert Agbemenu

 Accra, Ghana

Client Relations Manager – Africa

 As a client relations manager, I serve as a liaison with a PMWB’s clients and customers, developing relationships, providing guidance and advice and ensuring all of the customer’s needs are being met within the Africa sub region.

Susan Diec

Susan most recently worked on the internal project managing our website update. The website,, is the newest and revamped website with current projects and events.

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Aliki Courmanopoulos

As a community built on a foundation of sharing best practices and constantly striving to improve the world together, Project Managers Without Borders (PMWB) needs volunteer experts in communication management in order to help spread the word.

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Juan Andrés Ramírez

Panama City, Republic of Panama

Project Management Advisor, Volunteer advisor in project management, always ready to support any initiative that is necessary.

Denis Rodriguez

As a volunteer, Denis Rodriguez is passionate about giving back to the global community in need to help them achieve their full potential. He is currently helping the Tejiendo Futuros, Panajachel, Guatemala, as a volunteer portfolio Analyst and the PMWB SDG13 project as a team member.

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