As a community built on a foundation of sharing best practices and constantly striving to improve the world together, Project Managers Without Borders (PMWB) needs volunteer experts in communication management in order to help spread the word.

By sharing our experience with one another, we attract new volunteers and make the world a better place!

In her role as Director of Marketing and Communications for PMI-Montreal, Aliki Courmanopoulos works closely with project managers and volunteers, but was looking for a way to give back to the global community. When she learned on PMWB’s Facebook page that the role of social media lead was available, she thought it could be the opportunity she was looking for.

Over the course of 2017 and 2018, Aliki built a social media strategy for PMWB that centered on creating shareable web content focused on the work of volunteers. The PMWB blog team was relaunched to create content for to reach more people, and combined with biographies of PMWB volunteers posted on the People in Action page. The goal of this approach was to connect all the content via themes in order to increase traffic to the website by providing information about the volunteer experience, the projects realized by PMWB, and information on how to apply project management skills in a non-profit context.

When we share what we do through storytelling, we paint a picture of the greater meaning and fulfillment that volunteering brings to our lives. That was my goal with the People in Action page. Give context to the volunteer experience

As in PMWB, so too in real life. Aliki has been pursuing her dream of traveling around the world, and documenting her experiences through her meetings with project management communities in the cities she visits. Over the course of eight months, 17 countries, and 18 PM communities, she has been telling the story of the global connectivity of project managers around the world on her blog and via her Facebook page

I didn’t want to write just another travel blog, I wanted to show people working in project management and young professionals that we are a global community working together to make the world a better place. And the best way to meet new people in different countries is to work with your common language, in my case it was project management!

Throughout her travels, Aliki stays connected with the PMWB volunteers by following the work of the blog team and keeping in touch with the status of ongoing projects in order to publish on the PMWB Facebook and Linkedin platforms.

Volunteering with PMWB has given me access to a whole new network of project managers around the world who see te value of using their expertise to give back. It’s inspiring and keeps me motivated and positive even when I feel overwhelmed.

Aliki plans to continue her role and help develop more content for PMWB that will highlight the accomplishments of volunteers and encourages others to get involved. Share your expertise with an organisation improving the lives of people around the world through group sourced project management and become a volunteer.