Susan most recently worked on the internal project managing our website update. The website,, is the newest and revamped website with current projects and events.

Susan told us “it was under development for a while when I was on-boarded to take on the project as a project manager.” Susan managed to take the project to completion and our new website was launched in July.

We asked Susan some key questions around her decision to volunteer for Project Managers Without Borders: “The organization provides opportunities for me to grow, develop skills and contribute to society. Furthermore, I want a career in project management and this role was a great opportunity for me to start and build towards my career goal.”

Additionally, she told us about a key skill she possesses that she believes supports her role as a volunteer: “Organization – As a project manager, it’s essential to plan and track the team’s progress and development to ensure we are meeting our targets. The planning and tracking of the project can be difficult at times because we are we primarily working in a virtual team setting where we communicate through online meetings and emails.”

Susan described how one of the key benefits of being involved is that she is always learning something different. “As the project evolves, I’m meeting new people and learning more about the project management lifecycle. For example, I learned how the User Acceptance Testing (UAT) results could impact the final product. I think my favourite part is that I am able to see the project launch and the progress the team has made since the initial design and development phase.”

It is so important that our volunteers’ skills develop through the volunteering process, so we asked Susan to explain how she believes she has grown professionally: “In school, I learn about project management but at PMWB, I am given the opportunity to apply my knowledge and ask questions to further develop my professional knowledge. This role improves my time management skills by combining my planning, scheduling and multi-tasking skills together whilst ensuring the project is meeting its goals. The thing that surprised me the most has been the opportunity to work in a virtual team. I am working with people from different parts of the world such as Romania, USA, Brazil, and Canada!”

Finally, we asked Susan what advice she would give to others thinking of offering their time for volunteering with Project Managers Without Borders: “Ask questions. Everyone at PMWB is really supportive. I am learning about project management and developing my skills.”