The Denver-based Catholic health system sponsors a mission trip each year to Arusha Lutheran Medical Centre (ALMC) located in Arusha, Tanzania. Through a partnership with ALMC and its sister hospital, Selian Lutheran Hospital, teams of physicians, associates, technical personnel and others annually travel to the community in eastern Africa to bring healing and health — and lots of supplies.


What changed for their trip in 2015 trip was that SCL Health is partnered with Project Managers Without Borders, leveraging PMWB’s experience and project management best practices to assist the different teams from SCL Health to better plan, prepare, and manage their trip, in order to improve their overall impact.

PMWB was engaged in weekly and ad-hoc discussions with SCL Health team leaders to improve communications, track pre-trip activities, identify and document key processes, and prioritize key activities. PMWB volunteers worked closely to help SCL Health formulate success indicators for this and future trips. PWMB also provided off-line support to SCL Health’s medical, information technology, and BioMed teams to help maximise their impact once in Arusha.

The partnership was a wonderful experience for both groups, and PMWB looks forward to continuing our work together in the future.