This project is aimed at bringing the communities, international flood experts and local authorities together. This in turn, will spark the execution plan necessary to prevent future flooding in the area which will have enormous benefits to the community, economy and ecology in Accra.

Location: Accra, Ghana

Purpose: To develop a course of action for the issues related to flooding in Accra, the Capital city of Ghana, dating back to June 1959, when the city recorded the heaviest rain ever, with a volume of 7.56 inches. This downpour brought life to a standstill in the city. Subsequent to these, the city of Accra, has recorded several flood issues as a result of rainfall. Data gathered indicates the following times when the city was flooded:

  • June & July 1995
  • June 2001
  • May & June 2010
  • February 2011
  • November 2011
  • May & June 2013
  • June & July 2014
  • June 2015
  • June 2016

The issue can now be described as a chronic problem which needs unravelling to bring back life to normal during the rainy seasons in the city.

Image result for Accra flood

(Pictures of Accra flooded -2015)


This project is split into two phases:

  • Phase 1: The first phase is to inform all stakeholders, and create a “forum” where these different parties communicate efficiently together.
  • Phase 2: The second phase is the creation of detailed technical plans (WBS in project terms). It is not our ambition to actually execute these plans ourselves, but to provide very useful input to guide local authorities and agencies as they start improvements.